How To Payoff 30 Year Mortgage In Less Than 20 Years

Pay Off Your 30-Year Mortgage in Less Than 20

Payoff a 30 Years Mortgage SoonerIt may sound too good to be true.. and for many it might be too good to be true, but for the wise ones, it can be a reality. With some tweaks you can payoff your 30 year mortgage in less time. This means saving tens of thousands of dollars which will be left in your pocket and not paid to the bank. It is easy to payoff a mortgage sooner? Well it’s not “easy” but it is not impossible too, once you know how and want to do it.

How does the bank make so much money? By charging interests and keeping money for as long as it can. How can you pay as little as possible? By doing exactly the same.. Unless you are a finance genius, calculating 2-3 and even 4 debts on a monthly basis is nearly impossible. But there are software solutions which can do it for you, just like the bank has software to help them calculate their money transfers and payments.

Here is software which will help you pay your debts sooner, and save money by deciding how much and how soon to pay of each debt. No matter of if it’s a car loan or a student loan. Each of the debts have a different interest and a different time and period to payoff. A software which calculates each month and advises you who to navigate you cash and even your free money in order to cut and save as much as possible on all the family loans.

Payoff a 30 Years Mortgage Sooner

Watch this clip and learn how you can pay off a 30 year mortgage in less than 20. It’s not magic, it’s how the bank does it every month…



Is It Easy To Payoff Your Mortgage Sooner?

How Easy Is It To Pay Your Mortgage Sooner?

Pay mortgage sooner easyIt is not easy but it’s certainly not something you couldn’t do once you know how valuable it is for you. The bank counts on your mortgage so they can make 200% more on YOUR MONEY. When you lend $100,000 from the bank, over a 30 year period the overall money you will be paying to the bank would be $300,000!! The hundred thousands you borrowed and returned as a principle and two hundred thousand more which are the interests which you have paid over the thirty years.

Many people just don’t know enough about money and finance to understand some basic facts, which could save them thousands of dollars. First of all if you can raise the monthly payments by even $100 per month, you could payoff your mortgage 3-5 years sooner! Can you manage paying $100 more? What would you have to give up today, to be able to pay hundred dollars more? Not too much. By paying off 3 years sooner, you save your monthly payments X 36 !! All that cash would stay in your pocket! Now that’s a lot of money to save!

Another “trick” is to change the mortgage payments to bi weekly! This reduces the principle faster than a monthly payment and reduces the interest calculated by the lenders too. Only doing this can save you thousands of bucks, and cut the payments by a few month or years! Which means you save tens of thousands.

One last thing is to throw into the “mortgage pit” every last penny, cent and dime you can! Make sure you have enough paid for retirement and taxes and stuff into the mortgage all the rest. Cutting down the principle bit by bit, means you will finish paying sooner and will save thousands on interests, and will have free cash available sooner too.

Is Paying The Mortgage Sooner Easy?

Is it easy? It depends on your priorities. Is it possible? Sure thousands of home buyers are doing it already!

Watch this clip to learn more and see some numerical examples:



Is 2015 A Good Time To Get a Mortgage?

When Is The Right Time To Get a Mortgage?

Every year people who seek to move into their own house meet this dilemma, at the beginning of 2015, many of them struggle with the same question.. is it the right time now to get a mortgage? Some experts will say that the ever low mortgage rates are over, others will say not to wait until they become high again. We have collected information to help you get a clearer picture about the timing of a 2015 home loan.

2015 Mortgages Will Rise

The experts of Mortgage Reports believe that the rates will rise:

But can low interest rates last? Consumers say no.

According to a monthly survey conducted by government-backed Fannie Mae, 93% of U.S. consumers think mortgage rates have stopped dropping. Rising rates would close the refinance window for many U.S. homeowners while increasing the cost of homeownership for todays active buyers

Today, mortgage lenders quote rates and APRs in the 3s. By 2016, consumers say, prices will be worse. See more..

 2015 Mortgage Rates Hit Rock Bottom

As mentioned KHQA Newsdesk experts see the present as an opportunity..

Rates have dropped to their lowest level since May 2012.
“They are at a historical low right now. The average for the United States is about 3.81-percent for a 30-year fixed mortgage, which is really low. So if you’re in the market to buy or looking to refinance your home, now would be a good time to get in on that,” Lindsey Kramer, loan officer at Members First Community Credit Union in Quincy, said.
Mortgage rates have fallen for the fourth straight week, hitting a 20-month low.
According to Freddie Mac, just one year ago, the average 30-year mortgage rate stood at 4.39-percent and a 15-year mortgage at 3.44-percent. Check more here..



What Is The Mortgage Loan Forecast For 2015

2015 Home Loans Rate Forecast

Well no one can really know what the future is planning for us, but here is a forecast analysis for the home loans markets.

Wall Street is predicting 2015 mortgage rates to move higher and 96% of consumers believe mortgage rates have bottomed.

Forbes bring 11 experts to add their forecast on the 2015 mortgage and housing markets:

Forecasts predict a boost in 2015 on groundbreakings of new single-family homes (NAHB: 837,000Fannie Mae: 783,000, and Wells Fargo: 770,000), as well as new home sales (NAR: 620,000; NAHB: 547,000). read more..

The mortgage reports experts believe that the rates will plunge down some more:

There are several reasons to expect lower interest rates.

The first reason why mortgage rates will drop in 2015 is that there’s continued economic weakness abroad. The economies of China, Japan, Russia have been lackluster, at best; and the Eurozone has failed to show meaningful growth. An uncertain 2015 will drive investment dollars toward the U.S., benefitting the broader mortgage-backed securities (MBS) market. See more..

2015 Mortgage Rate Prediction


McBride expects the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage to stay below 5 percent in 2015, but it could experience some volatility.

“We’ll see rates near 4 percent on the low side if there’s an economic stumble or geopolitical crisis, and rates as high as 4.8 or 4.9 percent if the Fed missteps or misspeaks,” McBride says.

A misstep or misspeak would involve the Fed raising its rates too much or too quickly or accidentally signaling an intention to do so.

Will The Rates Rise This Year?

The home loans rates prediction of Investopedia are that the rates will eventually rise. Not as steep as they fell, but they are on the way up.

Barring another financial and housing market implosion, and if the economy continues to improve, expect interest rates to rise in the latter half of 2015. If they do jump to the 5% range it will be a modest hike when compared to historical averages. Rates will still be far below the approximately 8.5% 30-year fixed-rates mortgages have averaged since 1971 when Freddie Mac started tracking them. Rates averaged 6% in the years leading up to the recession. See more..


How Do FHA Changes Affect Your Mortgage

FHA Mortgages Changing Fees and Terms

Some changes are expected for the FHA terms and conditions. Some of the changes have already took place (increase in PMI) now more changes are expected. Read below and watch the clip to see how the changes affect your mortgage.

We have gathers items to sum up the upcoming FHA changes. Here is Courant example of PMI increase:

How does this price increase stack up to private mortgage insurance? On a $200,000 mortgage, borrowers who put at least five percent down and use private mortgage insurance can save more than $120 per month over FHA. This equates to thousands saved over the life of the loan, with lower monthly mortgage payments and higher equity from closing day forward. Read more..

FHA Insurance Cancellation

Note that FHA insurance guidelines changed FHA purchase and refinance loans.

Free Rate Update brings the FHA Cancellation changes and how they will affect mortgage borrowers.

Effective June 3, 2013, the annual mortgage insurance premium for FHA mortgages will no longer be based on a loan to value criteria of 78%. Cancellation of FHA MIP will be eliminated for loans that have a beginning LTV of 90% or more. For these loans, MIP must be paid for the entire term of the loan, in other words, forever. For loans that have a beginning LTV of 90% or less, the annual mortgage insurance premium will be required for 11 years. See more..


Taking Responsibility Of Your Financial Status

Going for three years of financial education may be too expensive or time consuming for most people, but what if you could get a no-brainer credit repair university education which will save you time and money raising your score, and lowering your credit and mortgage interests? 

Most people don’t know they can overcome damaged credit, remove bad credit tradelines, correct mistakes on their credit reports and improve credit scores in the shortest amount of time possible, you can learn how to do it too, I promise you that you will find nothing more effective than this solution!

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