2015 FHA Down Payment Requirements

How Much Down Payment To Prepare

If you are planning to get a FHA mortgage at 2015, you might be wondering how much down payment you will need to stand for the FHA 2015 down payment requirements. In this review you can read more on the FHA down payments and recommendation how to succeed to be granted the FHA mortgage loan.

Mortgage Down Payments

Placing some kind of cash upfront when taking a mortgage loan is very common, a part from no money down mortgages, most of the home mortgage plans include some kind of advance payment. The reason is that the lenders usually do not want to take the 100% of the risk concerning the mortgaged property, usually the buyer is expected to places 20% of the home value ad down payments, then they risk only 80%.

FHA Down Payments

When applying for an FHA loan, the FHA 2015 loan requirements are a little different than from regular lenders loans requirements. The FHA as being under the HUD administration allows you to place as little as 3.5% of the loan request as down payment. This means that if you apply for a $200,000, the FHA down payment will be at least $7000.

The 3.5% is the minimum limit, you are not framed into this FHA down payment requirement , and most people (who can) usually place an advance payments higher than the 2015 FHA down payment minimum of 3.5% and thus lowering their monthly payments by getting a lower mortgage amount.

How Much To Save For The FHA Loan Down Payment

There is no single answer as the 3.5% is a percentage from the home price you are about to buy, and without a home price and FHA loan amount needed there is no 3.5% down payment figure to be focused at.

But there IS actually a figure how much money you may need to save for your FHA loan down payment. Since you know your own budget limits, and you are probably not going to buy a mansion in Beverly Hills or the top floor at Trump Tower Manhatten…

You probably know what price of homes you are aiming to purchase. Take this figure and calculate the 3.5% from the top tier homes you think you are able to afford. To calculate how much home you can afford, think  which mortgage payments you can handle with a 30 year mortgage rates.

Start Saving Today For The Down Payment

If you think you will be able to manage a $100,000 home loan, than you will need at least $3500 as FHA advance payments. Even if you have debts to pay, start saving! Reaching the D day with no ‘money down’ funds will keep your dream home away for more years.

Make the down payment savings into your top priority! Before anything else, do not buy a new car, do not renovate the place you leave, do not buy another shirt (you have enough shirts), place every dollar to gain the maximum down payment you can afford.

Placing more than 3.5% means you will have lower mortgage monthly payments for years to come, so you will have more free cash to manage your personal finance needs.

More FHA Mortgage Expenses

Another reason why you should save more than the minimum 3.5% FHA requires, is to be able to pay several mortgage expenses like the FHA appraisal fees and other payments that you would need to pay before the loan is granted. Your mortgage application will not be processed without a FHA appraisal inspection.

Backward FHA loan Calculation

Once you see how much you can save each month, you can calculate ‘backward’ how much down payment you can have in 12 month. Once you know how much you will have in 12 month, you can reverse calculate how much are the remaining 96.5% for the FHA loan limit you can afford. And then search homes in that financial price scope.

Prepare For The FHA Mortgage

You can take action now and start repairing your credit FICO score, so within the 12 month your score may improve upward even by 30-40 points, and the lenders rates you will get will be much better. People ignore two facts, higher score can save you $150 each month on mortgage and credit payments, and credit repair takes some while, so you better start TODAY.

So What Is Your Next Step?

Every week you are wasting money.. sending dozens of dollars to the rich credit companies, who relay on you to keep doing NOTHING.

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Yes, you might need to invest a small sum to get a grip of things.. But if you think education is expensive.. try ignorance..

You are probably paying thousands of dollars per year in fees and interests to credit companies which could be going straight to your pocket.

So do your math… and take action NOW.