Do You Qualify For “Hardest Hit Housing” Fund

Hardest Hit Housing Fund

Is Hardest Hit Housing Fund For You Here are the basic facts you need to know about the Hardest Hit Housing fund, which was created for the states in which the housing financial crisis was the hardest of all. Making Continue reading Do You Qualify For “Hardest Hit Housing” Fund

Paying Mortgage When Unemployed

The Seller Is Lying To You

Home Affordable Unemployment Program There are times in life when bad luck hits you bluntly in the face. Having a mortgage and being unemployed is such a case. Thousands of Americans have found out that their home value has sunk Continue reading Paying Mortgage When Unemployed

Stop Christmas Spending Crushing Mortgage Payments

Home Loans Before Christmas

Pay Home Loans Before Christmas Spending Many people lose their mind when it comes to Christmas frenzy shopping. The usual Christmas spending per family can get as high as $1500. Without planning ahead, and foreseeing the immediate consequences, such Christmas Continue reading Stop Christmas Spending Crushing Mortgage Payments

FHA Seller-Funded Down-Payment Loans

Seller-Funded Down-Payment Loans

FHA Hit By Seller-Funded Down-Payment Loans It took the Congress a while but the Seller-Funded Down-Payment Assistance Loans which nearly brought the FHA into bankruptcy itself, had been finally blocked off. Though these seller funded assistance loans for down payment Continue reading FHA Seller-Funded Down-Payment Loans