Does It Pay To Refinance My Mortgage

Does It Pay To Refinance ?

Does It Pay To Refinance My Mortgage? Like everyone else, you probably heard that everyone is speaking about ‘refinancing their mortgage’.. You probably too asked your self some of the most common questions home owners with a mortgage ask: Should I refinance my mortgage ? I NOW the right time to refinance my home loan ? What does it mean  ? who can do it ? Is it really worth to refinance my mortgage ? So here are some of the major guidelines for learning “Does It Pay To Refinance My House“.

The most important factor concerning refinancing is “timing”, you need to  be in a right position with your ‘old’ mortgage regarding the new mortgage offered. When people wonder when is the right moment there are a number of guidelines to follow.

When is it the right moment to refinance ?

One rule of thumb is to divide the reduction in the monthly mortgage payment (with the new loan) by the cost of the refinance.  If you calculated that after refinancing, your monthly payments will be lower by $100 than your current home loan, and the whole refinancing procedure with the lenders cost you $3,600. the right decision would be to refinance the current loan if you plan to stay in your home for at least 36 months – three years ($3,600 / 100 = 36).

The second rule would be considering how many years you have left on your current mortgage. If you are a few years to the end, refinancing does not usually pay off even at much lower interest rates. If you are in the beginning or deep inside a mortgage loan, refinancing might well pay the all the closing costs and fees.

Take a look at the current markets interest rates, if refinancing your house would reduce your loan interest rate by a quarter or a half point, it will probably not pay itself to refinance your home. If you see that you can bargain or negotiate a mortgage rates which are one point or more from the new lenders, refinancing might be a money saving move.

Fees and closing costs should seriously be taken into your mortgage refinancing calculation, What many people don’t consider when they think about refinancing their home are the fees and closing costs associated with refinancing. First the fees can sum up to a few thousands dollars, second you will be asked to pay the whole sum up front. In case you don’t have the money, some companies will combine all costs in the new mortgage, which men you will be paying interest on this money for the whole life term of the loan.

Is It Worth To Refinance My Mortgage

1. Do you want to save and check if your monthly payments can be reduced. While refinancing your payments will be reduced if you get a lower interest rate. The monthly payments can be reduced also if the lime length of the loan is extended.  If you think on going on the extended term possibility, just bear in mind  the interest you will be paying will be higher during the life of the loan. This alone is when refinancing really pay.

2. Do you want, or can you reduce the number of payments left ? This means finishing off the mortgage sooner than originally planned. If you shorten the length of your mortgage by reducing the term of the loan, the mortgage will end sooner but your monthly payments will go up.  Make sure you can stand the raise. Use one of the mortgage payment calculators. Though the payments rise you still will be saving some of the interest rates, and will be a ‘free home owner’ sooner.

3. Compared to the mortgage rates the credit card rates are much higher ! So in case you have huge credit cards dept, you have a possibility to refinance and borrow more than the current loan balance. It is up to your home owner financial education and ability to use the extra cash wisely. Pay off high interest debts such as credit card balances or bank or lenders installment loans. If that loan is the only mortgage you have, you will be able to continue deducting the mortgage interest from your Federal income taxes while it actually payed off your other dept.

4. A refinancing program might allow you to consolidate 2 loans into one. This means that instead of paying back 2 separate loans, they will be both combined into one new loan to pay. In many cases when you get the best mortgage rates the payments will be lower in the over all.

5. When thinking of a refinancing solution for your mortgage, refinancing will help you convert an Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) into a Fixed Rate Mortgage (FRM). At Fixed Rate Mortgage (FRM) the lender can not increasing your monthly interest payments over the life of the loan. Which he can and does usually at the ARM home loans. This means your monthly payments will not change dramatically over the years which will help you plan your financial moved some time a head.

So What Is Your Next Step?

In order to get better chances to get lower rates, and to maximize your negotiation position, it is absolutely a must for you to get a boost for your credit score.

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So do your math… and take action NOW.