Get Your 80/20 Mortgage Loan Approved

80/20 Mortgage Loan Approval

To get your 80/20 mortgage loan approved, you must first know how this loan works. 80/20 mortgage loan is actually two loans that equal the purchase price of the loan completely, i.e. 100 percent.

The first loan is 80 percent of the total purchase price and the second one constitutes the remaining 20 percent of the purchase price. Usually, the second mortgage is either a line of credit or a fixed mortgage. If you wish to take up an 80/20, then you should compare different mortgage quotes to evaluate the ones that will help you to save more money and also suit your requirements.

To get your 80/20 mortgage loan approved, you must know that this kind of mortgage plans go well with people who are buying it for the first time (first time home buyers), in case they do not have any large amounts of down payment and also wish to avoid the dreading payments of PMI– Private Mortgage Insurance.

80/20 Mortgage Loans Approved

Mortgage payment is usually required if you have a down payment of 20 percent. People who have acquired good credit, (you need a proper FICO score) an 80/20 mortgage will keep their rates of interest up to 2.5 percent lower. Generally, 80/20 mortgages targets people who are stuck with renting issues.

These people are able to afford monthly renting cost just as the house payment, but after paying off all the utility bills every month, they are unable to save money to contribute towards the down payment. Many among these people see the prices of the homes rising more quickly than their income.

There are many mortgage plans that allow the borrowers to purchase houses with no or little down payment. In such cases, the borrowers are also required for private mortgage insurance.

Private Mortgage Insurance For 80/20 Home Loans

Mortgage insurance usually protects the lender from various costs arising due to foreclosure on a home when the borrower fails to pay many loan payments. In fact, the borrower pays and the lender get the maximum benefits. Mortgage insurance is needed when the amount of loan is greater than 80 percent of the total price of the home.

The best way to avoid mortgage payments is to get a “piggyback” loan. It is the second mortgage that backs up the first one. The major and first mortgage constitutes 80 percent of the price of the home. The piggyback loan constitutes the 20 percent of the price of the home, less any down payment, if there’s any.

Variants Of 80/20 Mortgage Loans

Usually, the lenders structure these 80/20 mortgage loans in many different ways. If you see 80-15-5 loan, it signifies that the borrower secured the main mortgage of 80 percent of the purchase price of a home, a piggyback loan for up to 15 percent, as well as had a down payment of 5 percent.

80/20 Mortgage loans will be offered as they are not posing a risk for the lenders at all. There are also some possibilities of numerous combinations, such as 80-10-10. The 80/20 mortgage loan constitutes a piggyback loan without any down payments.

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