Home Appraisal Costs & Fees Examples

Real Estate Appraisal Fees

Many people who begin the process of applying for a mortgage loan, face the need for an appraisal inspection to validate the market value of the property. For this they need to have an appraisal service, and like other services people do not know how much does appraisal cost?

There is not flat straight figure how much does  home appraisal cost, but there are some appraisal guidelines that can give you a fairly close assumption how much an appraisal fees are expected. You must know that any measures trying to influence the appraiser or manipulate his appraisal property inspection and evaluation of market worth report is against regulations and can be reported as a complaint against you.

How Much Costs A Home Appraisal

There are some basic parameters that influences the appraisal costs and fees:

  • Size of property
  • Complexity of property
  • Exterior Only (‘Drive by’) or Interior Inspection
  • Distance From Appraisal Office

Size of property – For example if its a one family or four family, if its a small home or a ranch… The appraiser will need to find information to compare related closed deals and in a neighborhood town this will be easier than in a suburb location.

Complexity of property – If the place has its own unique features those make the evaluation more complex thus more expensive (pool, ranch, stable,) are just examples to parameters that influence the appraisal fees.

You can see some appraisal fees examples, these examples are general and probably would be differ from state to state, and from province to province. Except from this each appraiser has his/her own set of parameters what is complex and how ‘deep’ does exterior appraisal check up goes.

Appraisal Costs Examples

Single Family Residential & Condominium Appraisal
$400.00 – $475.00

Exterior Only Single Family Residential & Condo Appraisal
$350.00 – $400.00

Manufactured Dwelling Appraisal
$550.00 – $600.00

Two to Four Unit Residential Appraisal
$500.00 plus $50.00/unit – $550.00 plus $50.00/unit

Vacant Residential Land Appraisal
$500.00 and up depending upon complexity.

Other Appraisal Fees Options

There are FHA approved appraisers and their fees maybe a little higher as their FHA appraiser guidelines are more strict and extended to other interior safety and domestic inspections.

The VA have a maximum appraisal limit set, which can be seen in the VA loan website.

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