How To Detect Home Seller Lies By Body Language

Is The Seller Is Lying To You?

Humans body language never lies. If you know how to read body language and interpret the signs, you will know when the home seller is lying. In this short review you could learn how to detect if the home seller lies to you about things which you should know about.

When a homebuyer is in a process of buying property, a home for their family, they will come across many kinds of people who have some interest in the deal. These people can be the mortgage broker, the real estate agent, the lawyers, lenders, appraisers  and the home seller.

When buying a home there is so much to lose and the financial risk is high, if someone is cheating and lying about a certain issue, it can have a tremendous effect later on for the buyer.

Body Language And Lie Detection

The body does usually react differently when people are anxious or in stress, when it comes to lying there are more physical changes, and behaviors worth knowing. These techniques of lie detection are well known and tested, some body language experts are actually ‘human lie detectors’ and can be accurate like a polygraph test when talking to another person.

Is The Home Seller Lying To You

There are usually several behavioral signs when someone is lying, once you get to know them, you will notice how much the appear and how you have missed so many of them until today.

The basic thing you need to know, is that people who lie are usually not comfortable with their lie. If the buyer is trying to hide that the roof is leaking, they will be uncomfortable with ‘not mentioning’ that. Some people’s behavior is more easy to read, others who are more ‘poker face’ are slightly more difficult to uncover.

Listen To The Body & Face Microexpressions

Ask a straight forward question – One simple thing is to ask people a straight forward question, a YES / NO question, and see the reaction of the person answering. Remember that all those who lie, never admit they are lying… Ask the seller “does the roof have any problem?” “When was it last fixed?” “Who checked the roof lately?” and listen to the answer and listen to body language signs.

  • A shaky voice, a long ‘hummmm’ may indicate they are trying to hide something, looking for a better way to answer.
  • See if the shoulders are rising, when people try to find an excuse for a wrong doing, they lift their shoulders slightly.
  • Scratching the side or back of the neck – When lying the body heats, and people tend to play around the collar of the shirt at the side or back of the neck, to release some body heat.
  • Jiggling feet – People sometime are better at controlling the body language signs of the upper body, but the feet will be moving, jiggling, jumping, the toes will be moving within the shoes..
  • Remember Pinocchio? When people lie they touch the nose, scratch the nose, touch sides of the nose or sides of the mouth. They feel their nose has grown (Pinocchio) They are trying to ‘hide’ the lie by hiding the mouth or distracting the attention from their mouth.
  • Stiff body movementsIf the seller is lying they will turn stiff, and the body gestures become smaller, they will keep their arms and fingers close to their body, so they will not ‘reveal’ their lie.
  • Placing objects in between – If the seller is lying about issues they are trying to hide, they might be placing objects between them and you in that conversation, holding the cup, grabbing some papers to the chest, holding the pen with both hands. They are trying to block you away.
  • Hiding the palms – In the body language ‘dictionary’ the palms represent the honesty. We would believe to people more if when talking to us they will show us their hands. Liars and dishonest people hide their palms, they will place hands in the pocket, hold palms together tightly, cross arms over their chest, or hide the hands behind their back.
  • Avoiding eye contact. Liars know their eyes will give them up, so they turn away or look down to avoid a direct eye contact when they are lying.

When trying to detect lies with body language, do not put all the emphasis on one single gesture. A person might be cold and hug themselves, or hot from walking or dressing too warm and playing around their collar, or rubbing the nose because they have a cold. When tracing body language try lie detection look for clusters of signs, a shaky leg with a rub of the nose, together with a long ‘humm’.

Using Eye Movements To Detect Lies

This can be done only at a face to face meeting, this is why it is important when buying a home to meet the people you are about to do business with or rent their services. If you are hiring a builder try to meet them and ask them straight forward questions – There are eye movements which are subconscious and uncontrollable, they will help you detect when the constructor is lying to you.

When looking at a person, When the eyes turn up and to the right the person is trying to remember an image. When the eyes go to the upper left corner, the person is inventing a ‘new image’ to talk about. The brain is divided into two sides, each side is in charge of a different cognitive function:

Telling the Truth – Fetching a visual memory image will send the eyes to the upper right corner (when you are facing them). If you ask the constructor to describe what he did, and ask them questions about ‘how bad was the leakage?’ ‘what did it look like?” when they will try to remember how it was, their eyes will rise for a Milli second to the top right corner, when their brain is fetching the image to describe.

Read Eye Movements Body Language

Lying and Inventing a Story – When the body needs to invent an image or a story it will construct the image at the ‘creative’ side of the brain, and the eyes will rise for a second to the upper left corner when the ‘image processing’ is done.

Visual Constructive Eye Movement

If your real estate agent is inventing something like ‘his wife said the price you offered is too low’, you can ask the real estate agent, ‘by the way, how does his wife looks like?”, if you see the eyes rise to the up and left side, then he is trying to create a false description to describe to you.

Other Signs For Lie Detection

These signs are not ‘body language’ or include micro-expressions but they will help you detect lies when speaking to all the people you will need to speak to, until you became a homeowner.

1. People who lie tend to use less contractions, they will use whole words and say them clearly, they are afraid their voice will shake or come out unclear. They will say “I did not..” instead of “I didn’t”.

2. People who lie add unnecessary details to their description to make it sound more believable. Too precise answers means they are trying to hide something and are uncomfortable with the slim answer.

3. Watch them when you change the subject of the conversation. A liar will show signs of relief when the subject is changed.

4. Pause and watch a liar get uncomfortable. Stop in the middle of the conversation and stare at the other side, give them  a long look.. Watch their behavior. Liars get nervous or try to add humor to ease their stress.

 Home Buying and Body Language Conclusion

Most body language signs are body gestures and face micro-expressions. Those slight body movements and expressions, are priceless when we are aware of what they might reveal. Once you know how to detect lies by body language, it will be helpful not only when buying a home or getting a mortgage offer.

Knowing to detect lies by body language will be useful with your spouse and romantic life, help notice a cheating husband or wife or help you detect if your teenagers are using drugs.

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