Interest Only Calculator

Interest Only Calculator

This Interest Only Calculator helps you compare interest only loans with fully amortized loans. An interest-only mortgage provides flexibility to the borrower in the early years of the loan.

what is an interest only mortgage

Interest only loans are for borrowers who have a good reason for preferring the lower initial required payment, and are prepared to deal with the consequences. With these loans you might be paying the interest for some years while the principle balance of the loan has not changed.

Interest Only mortgage CalculatorThese loans allow people who estimate their earnings to grow substantially over the years, till the effect they can handle a 100% principal left untouched (with the IO mortgages) and start paying the principle at the end of the interest only period.

People need to figure can they sleep well with the risk that the expected higher income won’t materialize – when it comes to the principal payments.

If you know your way NASDAQ or Dow Jones, and plan to invest the free cash flow, then you will want for that as much free cash on your hands as possible. Using this interest-only mortgage, you can invest the cash flow and succeed as long as your investments ROI rates are higher than the mortgage rates.

Interest-only rates mortgage info

The rates on interest-only loans can change as often as every month, or may be fixed for a 10-year period Recalculate your interest-only payment before your next scheduled rate adjustment.

Also, beware of balloon loans or negative amortization loans, where the amount you pay is not enough to pay the interest and the balance actually increases over time.

An “interest only loan” allows a person to pay a lower monthly mortgage payment at the beginning of the loan in order to save money (or to anticipate a larger salary) so that a higher monthly payment is more affordable later in the loan.

This Payment Responsive to Principal Reduction: On most IO loans, whether FRM (fixed rate) or ARM (adjustable rate), the monthly mortgage payment will decline in the month following an extra payment. This allowing people who have plans to pay out large parts of the mortgage (like after selling another house or receiving a large bonus) to reduce dramatically the monthly payments. This is the only type of mortgage that has this feature.

Risks of interest only mortgages

Borrowers can pay only interest, or can choose to repay some portion of the loan balance as they see fit. However, after interest-only payments for a period of years, the amount borrowed must be repaid over a shorter period of time, producing a significant increase in payments. On the other hand, lenders view interest only mortgages as riskier. because after any period of time has elapsed, the loan will have a larger balance (compared with regular loans). If it is riskier for the lender, it will have a higher price for you

Financial mortgage advisers don’t recommend interest-only mortgages to regular wage earners who take out moderate-size home loans and don’t have a strategy for investing the savings. For them the interest only loans(usually ARM) has too many deceptions that make them look too good to be true. Unless you are some kind of executive who earns a moderate salary and whose main income is from bonuses once or twice a year.. stay away from IO mortgages.

Interest Only Calculator

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