Real Estate Mortgage Appraisal Explained

Home Loan Mortgage Appraisal Fees

Many people ask about home loans appraisal process and appraisal costs and in this mortgage appraisal review they can get some deeper insights and explanation and examples of the real estate appraisal process.

The first thing to know is that the real estate appraisal evaluation is a very important stage in the process of buying a home with a mortgage. The appraisal evaluation is important for the lender and for the buyer too.

Who Benefits From The Appraisal Evaluation

The lender needs the full scope professional report to learn how much does the property worth, if in any chance they will need to sell it, because the mortgage payments are failing to be paid properly. In this scenario the lender will put the real estate on sale, and the amount they are expected to get is the amount they will be willing to lend.

How The Appraisal Evaluation Is Done

The bank or lender wants to make sure the most accurate and current market value of the property they are lending the money for. For this reason they will request an appraisal report, either from an independent appraiser or from an Appraisal Management Company (AMC). Which appraiser is sent will look for information regarding the specific home and evaluate the current market worth.

The amount the buyer agrees to pay the seller is only part of the factors an appraiser takes into consideration. An appraiser will scan documents, public information, taxation reports, and also search for comparable deals which have taken place in the neighborhood. The comps’ the appraisers make need to be closely related deals which took place 1 Mile from the home they are evaluating, within the last six month. The 1 mile factor is used so the surrounding and real estate environment will be as accurate as possible.

Appraisers consideration includes general facts on the neighborhood, schools and education, parks, traffic ways, local crime, mionisipality investments and street renovation. If in any chance the lender will need to sell the property if the mortgage is not paid, then those parameters influence the real market worth of the real estate.

The Buyer Need For Appraisal

As for the buyer, they can ask for the appraisal report and see what the lenders appraiser thinks is the real value of the home they are about to buy. In some cases there is a significant difference between the appraisal report and the sellers price which was agreed upon.

In those cases the buyer can show the seller the appraisal figures and then they need to solve out the difference. If the real estate appraisal is low, that means the buyer will get much lower mortgage from the lender, and might not be able to proceed with the deal!

Then either the seller adjusts the real estate price so that it gets closer to the buyers mortgage, or the buyer can draw back his offer for this deal as there might be larger gap between what they can afford and what to bank can offer as a mortgage loan.

The Seller Need For Appraisal

The sellers of the real estate may find an independent appraisal and request their own report, sellers usually do that in order back up the price they are asking for the property. Although the appraiser should be objective and not biased, there is a better chance that the appraiser who gets paid by the seller evaluates the real estate worth higher than the lenders appraiser. In such cases the buyer will have more difficult time, when they try to re-negotiate the real estate price.

Government Appraisal Requests

When applying to get government supported home mortgages, like the FHAFederal Housing Administration) or the VA (Veteran Affairs) they have specific appraisers who are registered as FHA appraisers and they are the only one who are eligable to give an appraisal evaluation for property before aplying an FHA mortgage request. Getting an appraisal is the very first step with the FHA loan requirements for 2011, without it no request will be processed by the FHA.

With the VA home loans the procedure is similar, except that the appraisers are located at a VA regional loan center, these centers will send an approved appraiser to evaluates the market worth of the property. The Department of Veterans Affairs will not start processing any home mortgage request without such appraisal report. There is a service and fees table found at the VA website with all the regional VA centers, and the service and maximum fees they are allowed to charge.

Real Estate Mortgage Appraisal Conclusion

What ever you do, do not under estimate the real estate appraisal process, it is an important milestone on your way to a mortgage. No lender will lend money without a clear report on the real worth value of the property, and if the appraisal is too low, then you will get a lower mortgage loan. The mortgage appraisal usually costs $350-$550 depends on the kind of appraisal needed, and on the state you live in.

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